Pinot Noir, 와인의 성배같은 품종

Pinot Noir, Holy Grail of Wine

게시일: 2013. 8. 10.

Pinot Noir: The Holy Grail of Wine is a true story of adversity, struggle, and love between the toughest grape – Pinot Noir, and a man whose passion for Pinot Noir would stop at nothing in pursuit of her beauty. Taunted by his addiction to Pinot Noir’s mysterious allure, John Saemann, an inexperienced wannabe vintner, is drawn to the magic of Sonoma Mountain, where he pursues his own vision of the Holy Grail of Wine – Clouds Rest.

John is, however, unaware that he is about to encounter years of trials, tribulations, and adversity in the vineyard and in the winery. He takes the challenge of centuries to try the impossible and invests his soul and passion hoping his vineyard can leave a legacy in the world of fine Pinot Noir.

피노누아…영화 Sideways에 소개되었고, 진정한 와인팬들이 마신다는 이 품종에 관해서 정작 프랑스 인들이 전하는 말의 숨은 뜻은 무엇일까?

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