Birds and Bernie

서양인도 음양이론에 맞춰 블로그를 하기 시작했다. 한쪽은 암울한 벨기에 테러, 다른 한 쪽은 쿠바인의 해방감과 야구게임의 즐거움. 한 주의 시작이 이렇게 두 얼굴로 표현되었다

Logos con carne

Birdie Sanders 1 Bernie Sanders receives an endorsement from Finches!

So… The week began with a bomb in Brussels and a baseball game in Cuba. On one side of the Earth, images of terror and oppression; on the other, images of joy and freedom. It forms a literal global Yin-Yang reflecting the best and worst of human goals and actions.

From such high stakes and matters of import, the week quickly descended into the sewer, as the National Embarrassment led the Republican Party to new lows this election cycle.

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