5 languages everyone must learn


Gyanaddict.com 을 팔로우 하면서 캡쳐한 내용이다.  외국인들의 눈에 비친 필수 학습 대상인 외국어는 무엇이고, 어떤 실용정보를 갖고 있을지가 궁금했다. 그리고 의외로 프랑스어가 3억5천명 이상의 사람들이 사용하고 있고, 아랍어의 필요성이 사업가 뿐만아니라 일반인에게도 학습의 필요성이 크다는 것을 말해준다. 그리고 제일 먼저 배울 것으로 중국의 ‘북경표준어’를 든다.

다행인 것은 내가 배우고 익힌 것이 아랍어를 제외하곤 모두 해당된다는 것.  그렇다면…나이들어 배우는 아랍어는 …어떤 즐거움을 줄까? 그 시기는 언제가 될까? 러시아어를 먼저 배우려던 생각을 수정해야 하는가? Babbel.com이 불어 영어 스페인어 독어 이태리어 등의 라틴계 알파벳 언어를 배우기엔 무척 우수한 반면, 아랍어나 중국어 일어 한국어등 특수 기호(!)를 쓰는 언어 학습은 아직 제공하지 못하고 있다. 배운다면…유투브나…다른 인터넷 학습법을 찾아 보아야할 것이다.

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In the current times, with the world becoming more and more globalized, the interdependency between the countries has burgeoned. Technological amelioration has made the world smaller, and for these reasons, it has become essential for the businesses to learn and communicate with the people from around the world having different cultures and backgrounds. Therefore, learning multiple languages can be an advantage for you. Here are 5 languages everyone must learn, if you want to burgeon your career opportunities.

Nowadays, more and more countries prefer to import the material from the overseas businesses than using the products from the domestic producers. Doing so allows the companies to make connections with the partners, suppliers and customers from around the world and also helps in growing their businesses to the full potential. Moreover, it also opens the doors of new opportunities for the markets that may otherwise remain out of the reach.Languages of the world word cloud illustration. Word collage concept.

You might be thinking that money is the primary thing that one business must possess to make successful connections around the world, but for the large businesses, for which money is not the problem, the situation is different. As for these companies, there are times when their major customer base is situated in the countries where it is difficult to communicate because of the language barrier, hence, missing out on these customers. So, for such companies, retaining the employees with fluency in various other languages is a must if they truly want to grow their operations for these kinds of customers.

Moreover, learning new languages is not only beneficial at such bigger levels, but it is also profitable on the personal level. In various studies it has been found that learning new languages have numerous benefits, for example, it makes us smart, improves our brain productivity and many more. If you want to stand out in the competition, want great opportunities in your carrier or even if you are an avid traveller and want to explore new countries and culture, learning a language is one of the best options you can go for.

However, do you know how many languages are there in the world? You will be amazed to know that there are around 6,900 languages being spoken around the world, out of which around 2,000 languages have less than 1,000 speakers. If you want to know more you can go to the Ethnologue’s website and can explore the world of languages.

Now, out of these 6,900 languages, for what languages you should go for? Here is the list of five languages that you can learn not only for the better carrier opportunities, but also to make yourself smart.

Mandarin Chinese
Chinesse Mandarin

The first in the list with having close to a billion people speaking the language only in the Mainland China is the Mandarin Chinese. Also, the Chinese sway has been stretched to the areas of Africa and beyond. Apart from this, Mandarin Chinese is being spoken in various other countries around the world. Some of these countries include Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, the Philippines and Mongolia. So, if you are visiting these countries as a traveller or even for the business purpose, knowing Mandarin Chinese can give an extra edge and also can get your work done without any hassle. Moreover, it will also help you in making more of the personal connections with the people residing there.

With around 365 million native speakers, English is one of the most prevailing languages all over the world. It has been spoken in many parts of the world, including The U.K., India, Australia and the United States. Statistics have shown that there are approximately 300 million people who hEnglishave English as their second language, out of which over 100 million prefer usin

g English over any other language while communicating with someone. Primarily, for the businessmen having his business in some other country with the native language other than English will at least find one person who can speak English, making it easier for him to understand. Around the world, English is also a preferable language to provide education for the international students, especially who come for higher studies in the countries like France, Spain, etc. where English is not the native language.

Third comes in the list is Spanish having approximately 400 million native speakers in its pocket. If you are planning to set up a business solely in the United States, Spanish is one language that you must have expertise in. Many of you may not know, but Spanish is the second most spoken language in America

Spanish. If you know Spanish, your horizon can broaden not only to America and Spain but also to countries like Paraguay, Ecuador South America and then there’s also Mexico. All and all, there are about 20 countries in the world, including Spain, whose official language is Spanish. Hence, knowing Spanish can be highly beneficial, if you are either looking to expand your business or any kind of career growth in your life.

You will be surprised to know that Arabic is the official language of around 27 different countries, providing a promising destination of Middle East to expand your business. The only ticket you need to d

Arabico so is to learn the right language. With the growing awareness about the internet among the Middle Eastern countries, it has become easier to set up businesses now. The Middle East is also one of the largest export markets and makes approximately a quarter of businesses. Because of all these reasons, you may consider to learn a few lessons.

It is a very important language to learn if you want to succeed in yFrenchour business, or even if you want a great career growth. Many of you might not know but French language

has been considered as the International Lingua Franca– a common language through which all the people around the world can converse. There are about 335 million total speakers of French in the world of which 74 million are the native speakers.

So, after reading this, you can understand well that learning a few foreign languages can be too beneficial not only for the business purposes, but also for the great career growth so that you can get better opportunities.

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